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Facilitating Successful Real Estate Life Cycles Everyday.

Improve day-to-day client and case management

Real Estate client and case management expressly designed and built for real estate professionals helps improve engagement all throughout the real estate life cycle with the right options and features to get the job done from within a single platform.

Maximize data collection and information sharing

Collect and retain real estate client information in one place with an easy-to-use interface. Upload and download documents, add notes, save client and case information, associate clients with cases and more within the same platform, while having the ability to securely share it within your team.

Have data available at any time from anywhere

No need to keep your data in multiple places or be disconnected from documents, notes and other key information when you need them the most. Find your client's information quickly by having it all in one place accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Is Basesan a CRM Platform?
A CRM with added benefits to help you succeed.

A Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM, platform is meant to help its users manage customer relations and interactions. CRM platforms commonly provide vanilla-type services for this work, primarily focusing on marketing and maintaining general customer status information, yet many of these services describe themselves as Real Estate CRM platforms for no apparent reason. Basesan does help you maintain customer relations and interactions, but goes much further than that.

Made for Real Estate Professionals
Built explicitly for only one type of user: real estate professionals.

Basesan goes beyond generic CRM tools. No generic fields or forms here. It is all about how to help real estate professionals improve their client and case management day in, day out. No unnecessary complexity either. This is the application real estate professionals have been waiting for. Simple to use. Quick to learn. Yet full of key features and capabilities made for professional, day-to-day real estate work.
Unlimited Number of Clients

Save client information in an easy to use form built explicitly for real estate professionals. Add as many clients as you need. Managing client information has never been this easy.

Unlimited Number of Cases

Each case you work on has it's own particular information that needs to be saved and one/more clients associated with it. Add as many cases as you need. Build associations and quickly find the information you need. It's that easy!

Unlimited Number of Documents

Basesan not only allows you to upload/download documents to/from the platform (up to 50MB in size), but each document is associated with a particular client or case allowing you to have everything you need in one place.

Unlimited Number of Notes

Comments/thoughts in the form of individual notes can be associated with each case and client entry. These simple text records help keep track of important events (e.g., phone conversations, status on key issues) for yourself or shared between your staff.

Multiple Accounts

No matter if you use Basesan for yourself alone or for a small team, we got you covered. A total of four user accounts are included with each subscription. One primary. Three secondary, dependent accounts. Basesan gives each account owner the ability of add, remove and manage all users within their account, including access levels.

Privacy and Security

We take privacy and security very serious. No third-party marketing. No information sharing of any kind. We simply don't work with marketing firms. Your information is yours. Not ours. We implement regularly scheduled backups and go beyond Industry standards to keep your information secure.

Email Support

Although we strive to make Basesan as easy to use as possible, we all run into questions and issues from time to time. Every subscription includes email support to get you going when you need it.

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Basesan Monthly Plan
All features included plus unlimited support. That is, unlimited number of clients, cases, notes and documents with four user accounts included.
Basesan Yearly Plan
All features included plus unlimited support. Reduced yearly payment: 12 months for the price of 10.
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