Basesan  Features
From its inception, Basesan CRM was built to solve practical, day-to-day real estate problems. Starting as a simple contact management solution, it has expanded covering key areas necessary for the day-to-day real estate practice, while remaining simple to use and learn. Below is a brief summary of some of the main features offered to help you enhance your business with our versatile real estate CRM solution.
Client and Case Management

Managing your client information has never been this easy.

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Basesan allows you to easily maintain information about your clients, but it goes further than that, as it's not a generic CRM. It also allows you to keep track of each of your related real estate cases, and associate them with one/more clients, as needed, and vice versa.

No need to keep related documents somewhere else. Upload and download all related documets from within the given client or case page wherever you are.

Maintain a record of your client interactions through the use of dated notes. You can add notes to both client and case entries. Even use your own defined labels to tag of clients and/or cases together (e.g., Summer Calendar 2019).

Unlimited Client/Contact Records
Unlimited Case Records
Associate Documents
Keep Track with Notes
Link Clients and Cases
Add Custom Labels
Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) client and case associations.
Calendar Activities    

Schedule your next meeting. Set up a new task.

Basesan makes it easy to schedule and keep track of upcoming events, like meetings and presentations, as well as to set up tasks. These activities easily combine through the use of an interactive monthly calendar.

Add attendees and assignees to each event and task, respectively, from your list of clients and/or team members. Basesan also allows you to easily send cutomized email notifications to event attendees and task assignees.

Interactive Calendar
Unlimited Activity Events
Unlimited Activity Tasks
Email Notifications
Associate Documents
Link with Clients and Cases
Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) event and task calendar.
Multi-User Subscription

Play solo or have your team with you.

Each Basesan subscription brings with it one owner user account, which is the overall administrative account, and three dependent user accounts, where each can have one of multiple access levels. The account owner has full control of the access and cancellation of these dependent accounts.

Multiple User Accounts
Multiple Access Levels
Individual Time Zones
Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) multi-user platform
Country Specific    

With fields that match your region.

Sure a name is a name, and a street address is a street address. But what about postal codes and other specific formats particular to your country. Basesan is currently designed to be fully used in the US and Canada. Basesan systems for each country mode are separately located in each respective country.

US Ready  
Canada Ready  
Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) US and Canada platform.
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