About  Basesan

Basesan, LLC is a privately-owned company based in Northern Virginia.  We strive at making it easy for real estate professionals to better manage and assist their client base throughout the buying, selling and renting process by providing them with a simple, secure, available platform that allows them to stay connected to their data anywhere they go.  We don't play games with our customer's data.  The privacy and security of their data is of high importance to us.  No marketing, no gimmicks.  Just a great 24x7 service that our customers can be depend upon as they expand their business and tackle problems that are important to them!

A common question we get asked a lot is what's up with the name? For reasons of copyright and trademark, you certainly want to have a distinct and unique name. The word BASESAN is a compound word made up of two parts. The first is "BASE" as in database. Basesan is all about been able to save and recall information as needed and thus the word "BASE" is directly representative of our service. The second part is "SAN". This is a Japanese word used as a honorific title. What is great about it is that it's unisex. It can be used as Mr. or Mrs./Ms. In combination BASESAN states that it is a database for everyone, which catches the whole spirit behind our service.

 Basesan, LLC