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Basesan started as a result of trying to solve a very common problem for a real estate client: how to manage a normal real estate life cycle from the moment a new customer appears to the successful closing of their new home and beyond. Sadly, after trying multiple CRM solutions and other online services, neither one solved the problem. In terms of CRM, most of the solutions out there are mainly about acquiring customers and marketing, but not much to be said beyond that. Basesan instead is all about keeping the engagement with the customer all throughout the real estate life cycle. It is also meant to be as simple to use as possible. No feature creep or unnecessary complex interface. Always secure and always available.

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Business Name:  Basesan, LLC

Business Structure:  Limited-liability Company

Business Registration:  Virginia, USA

Launched:  2018

Founder:  Alex Alvarez, Chief Architect

Product/Service:  Real Estate Life-cycle Management

Service Type:  Software As A Service (SaaS) Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Industry:  Real Estate

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Press Releases

Oct 8 2019:  Basesan extends its service to the Canadian market.
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Jul 18 2019:  Basesan adds new key exciting features to its platform.
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Nov 07 2018:  A new Real Estate Life-cycle Management solution moves Realtors beyond CRM.
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 Basesan, LLC