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Please complete the form below.  Information about text field requirements is found using the corresponding information icon for that field, .  Just place your cursor on top of the respective icon and a popup window appears describing the requirements for that particular field. 
There are two possible payment plans: monthly or yearly. The yearly payment plan includes a discount (two free months a year). Both start right after the free 30 days trial period. Please select one of the two payment plans below.
All monetary quantities expressed in US dollars.
A valid credit card is only asked to avoid future disruption of service. The first 30 days are always free and there will not be any charge made to your card during this period.  A charge will be collected at the beginning of every monthly or yearly (depending on the plan selected) cycle after that and until your subscription is cancelled. Subscriptions are cancelled within the Basesan application (Settings/Account Management) resulting in immediate destruction of all subscription and credit card information.
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